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Reviews for Convenient Digital Downloads make reviewing the products sold on your website fast and easy for your visitors and customers.
Customer reviews can individually be allowed or disabled on each product and options are provided to monitor exactly who can leave product reviews. It is possible to restrict feedback to authenticated clients, logged-in users, or even leave them accessible to anyone. A moderation queue also contains review requests, providing store owners with protection against spam and violence.
Store owners are given a full management system from inside the WordPress admin area to moderate, authorize, remove, and react to product feedback.
Provide reviewers with rewards
The Reviews extensions include an option to encourage customers to leave reviews by automatically giving the customer a discount code after a review is submitted, in order to encourage customers to leave reviews and buy additional items.
Request a Review
Automated emails that are sent to consumers after a good purchase can be designed to help enable customers to leave feedback of items they have purchased. Emails can be sent immediately upon purchase or after several days’ delay.
To provide store owners with complete control over the text and branding of the newsletters, the email sent to customers is completely customizable.
Integration of Submissions from Frontend
Reviews align with Frontend Submissions by enabling all customers to have feedback on the product vendors.
If some of the items in that transaction were produced by a FES vendor after making a purchase, clients can leave reviews for them. This makes it possible for store managers and suppliers to quickly see what they’ve done well and what could be improved.


HTML5 Microdata – All reviews include HTML5 microdata for Schema.org, allowing Google and other search engines to pick up and display the product reviews in search results.

Enforce word limits – Minimum and maximum word limits can be set which are enforced on the content of the review (e.g. minimum of 50 words but a maximum of 200 words).

Easily embed reviews – Reviews comes with shortcodes and widgets which allow you easily embed reviews into posts and pages.

Close and disable reviews on a per-download basis – Reviews can be closed or disabled on downloads; disabling them will not show any reviews whatsoever. However, closing reviews will stop any new reviews from being accepted.

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