Gravity Forms Google Analytics Add-On

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With the Gravity Forms Google Analytics Add-On, there is now an easy and reliable way to track form conversions and pagination events in Google Analytics.

Once set up, the add-on will send events to Google Analytics on form submission, or when a user navigates between pages on a form, helping you to better understand the performance of your forms and how your audience is interacting with them.

Track newsletter signup form conversions, payment form completions, new subscriptions, survey submissions, and much much more – all via your Google Analytics account. Collect and data in real-time, then measure your metrics over time, giving you clear insight into how your forms are performing.

What You Need to Know

The add-on supports both Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 (via Google Tag Manager).

Connection types include:
– Google Measurement Protocol (Our recommended connection type)
– Google Analytics
– Google Tag Manager

As mentioned, the Google Analytics Add-On can track two kinds of events: pagination and submission. Events are enabled at form level via Google Analytics Settings.
– For form submission tracking, you can set up multiple Google Analytics Feeds to send different data. Feeds can also work in conjunction with conditional logic.
– Pagination events are enabled through Google Analytics Form Settings and cannot currently be subject to conditional logic.

For in-depth information on the Google Analytics Add-On, please check out the Gravity Forms documentation.

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