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The main role of a theme is to decide how a website looks and not how it operates. For plugins, the “how it works” part is intended and is called plugin territory. Many Job Board themes attempt to add features that are explicitly beyond the reach of the theme, thereby violating the domain of the plugin. This causes the user considerable frustration because the user can never switch a theme or risk losing the website, its information and features.

We have created Jobhunt-Work Board WordPress theme for the WP Job Manager plugin, keeping the above discomfort in mind. Our theme styles the look of the website while the job board functionality is supported by the WP Job Manager Plugin.
WP Task Manager built for

WP Job Manager takes care of the how the website looks” segment and how the website works” section of our theme. WP Job Manger for WordPress is a lightweight open source Job Board plugin. Automattic, the same firm that runs WordPress, operates this plugin. With such great support and contributions from the brightest minds in WordPress, WP Job Manager is the best WordPress Job Board plugin.

Jobhunt is a WordPress theme focused on the pricipality of separation of concerns for WP Work Manager that is simple to use, cleanly coded and quick Job Board. All WP Work Manager functionality, such as filterable job listings, job submissions, employer dashboard and job submissions, are supported.

Jobhunt also supports the Core Add-on Package of WP Job Manager, which includes features including Resume Manager, Job Notifications, Indeed Integration, Job Tags, Paid Listings, Job Applications, etc.

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