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Absolute versatility is the future of membership sites.
Create your community and publish protected content—on your own terms.
What can I do with a membership site?
Launch a group online around unique members-only
Content to have more value and increase your following.
Build recurring revenue
Subscription sites with unlimited levels of membership

Offer digital goods
Courses online, ebooks, & pay per post
Protect material that is free
Private societies, churches, premium free services
Build freely with the most adaptable framework for membership sites
Only be yourself. Create, launch, and monetize your membership site your way. How you collect payments, customize memberships, or administer your site, we never dictate.
Importing and exporting members effectively
Keep WordPress’s maximum independence and functionality
Integrate with instruments you’re already using
The most affordable WP membership plugin premium
User-friendly tutorials for videos & user guides
Built for efficiency & security
Offer readers a premium all-access pass or create membership tiers with privileges for tiered viewing. You choose pages, posts, and files that can be accessed by each member. Convert new members to pages for partial access.
Protecting blogs, sites and styles of custom posts
You can easily secure your WordPress posts and pages with the click of a button using WishList Member. Both of our plugins provide complete support for manually generated Custom Post Forms or via another plugin.
Safety for File and Folder
Private tags
DRIP, Schedule, ARCHIVE, PAY PER Message
Complete Control over Content
You can drop your best articles to new members with WishList Member, schedule post access by date, and set up pay per post. Archive content by date or after a set number of days for a limited period.
Drip and Timetable
Automate the delivery of content to your community. Drip the new members with your favorite material, schedule posts to go live on an exact date.
Archive material
Securing your important material
“Sneak peak” + partial display
Your extensive membership
Toolbox of content
2. Simple SETUP for PAYMENT
4. SUPPORT Committed
5. YOUR Common Integrations

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