WooCommerce Estimated Shipping Date Per Product

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WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Per Product helps you to take care of the product in imitation of the estimated shipping date display. You are running the approximate shipping date show for the manufacturing website, cart page and checkout page. Using this plugin, because of each object, you show an approximate transport date.
Features The Features
Choice due to the embarkation of commodity transportation persimmon treatment.
Enable/Disable Cart, Checkout, and Device Page Delivery Date.
Customized shipping date message choice for acceptance.
Option on the basis of the persimmon format package.
Enable/Disabe for each product choice.
Enable/Disabe option due to email persimmon display
Hide the text of regularity for out-of-stock items.
Choice to mimic obstructive times and date ranges.
Option in imitation of sennight days preclude.
Customize the display of projected transport data according to your needs.
Sponsored product, quick, variable, clustered.
Choice for goods due to inhalant Delivery Epoch.
Option because it contains the textual content of the estimated date because any object
Enable you to transport twenty fourth parade 2016 in imitation of twenty seventh parade 2016 in accordance with put in estimated persimmon between twain time Ex: transport
The quantity of help achieved due to merchandise distribution data
Help for rapid editing due to data on product transport
WPML-compatibility supports

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